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Selasa, 11 Disember 2012

Rabu, 14 November 2012


- Hearing and listen to the sounds.

What is phoneme?
- The smallest contrastive sound in a sound system language

Now let me show you the examples of phonemes : /a/ /b/ /c/ /d/ /e/ and so on,but here i will introduce the phonics pictures that you have to know.

      Then the next step is the magic pencil game. Here teacher will be conducted the game by doing alliterations and sounds of the letters. Basically this game is only for pupils interest and understanding.

Here are the suggested alliterations that we can do.

Ants on the apple
a a a
Balls are bouncing
b b b
Cats in the car
c c c
Dogs are dancing
d d d
Eggs on the elephant
e e e
Five fat fish
f f f     
Goats and goats
g g g
Hands on heads
h h h
Inch long insects
i i i       
Jumping in jelly
j j j

Kitty’s kissing
       k k k
Lions like lemons
l l l
Monkeys in McDonald’s
m m m
Number nine
n n n
Olly is an octopus
o o o
 Puppies are playing
p p p
Queens are quiet
qu qu qu
Rabbits are running
       r r r
Seashells by the sea
s s s     
Two Tigers tails
t t t
Up umbrellas up
u u u
Very fast van
v v v
Wash the windows
w w w
Fox in a box
x x x
Yellow yo yo
y y y
Zebra in the zoo
z z z